At BCM, we work with financial planning and advisory clients who have $500,000 or more of investable assets, seeking to partner with a team of trusted advisors focused on protecting and growing wealth through a thoughtful approach.

Our Services

Asset and Income Preservation

Asset and Income Preservation

- Insurance and Risk Mitigation
- Generational Wealth Transfer
- Capital Preservation Strategies

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Wealth Optimization

Wealth Optimization

- Retirement Strategies
- Cash Flow and Debt Management
- Cost/Benefit Analysis

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Investment Planning

Investment Planning

- Portfolio Management
- Stock Option Strategies
- Portfolio Stress Testing

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Protecting Your Information

We live in an age where cybersecurity attacks pose both an ongoing and mounting threat to personal data.  As a fiduciary that acts in our clients’ best interest, BCM takes cybersecurity seriously, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards for protecting our clients’ private information. 

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Investor Behavior – Where the Rubber Meets the Road

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the above chart says it all.

Starting in 1980, $100 invested in the S&P 500 stock index grew to more than $10,000 so far.  That represents a total compounded return of roughly 11.4% per year.

So, getting rich in the market should be easy, right?  Buy it, hold it, and let it work for you.

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Back to School – 529’s, FAFSA, and Good News for Families

Since their introduction nearly 30 years ago, 529 plans have been the go-to savings vehicle for ever-increasing college education costs. New changes to the FAFSA will change the way families plan around generational gifts for college costs.

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