At BCM, we work with financial planning and advisory clients who have $500,000 or more of investable assets, seeking to partner with a team of trusted advisors focused on protecting and growing wealth through a thoughtful approach.

Our Services

Asset and Income Preservation

Asset and Income Preservation

- Insurance and Risk Mitigation
- Generational Wealth Transfer
- Capital Preservation Strategies

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Wealth Optimization

Wealth Optimization

- Retirement Strategies
- Cash Flow and Debt Management
- Cost/Benefit Analysis

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Investment Planning

Investment Planning

- Portfolio Management
- Stock Option Strategies
- Portfolio Stress Testing

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Estate Planning - Don't Leave Home Without It

It is both easy and convenient to ignore the harsh truth of mortality.  While we try to focus on the good things in life and living in the present, acknowledging the inevitable throws a silencing wrench into our plans...

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Why Am I Doing This Again?

Through June 28th, the S&P 500 Index has tallied a -20% return over 68 negative trading days this year. With each additional negative day in the markets, investor confidence continues to erode. As the emotional toll builds, it reaches a terminal...

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Where Are the Billionaires?

How many billionaires are there today in the United States? While there is no definitive count, most estimates put the number at no more than 1,000...

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